Curriculum Intent and Vision

Through a stimulating and challenging curriculum, built upon the needs of our students and the local community, we aim to foster a life-long love of learning. Through a diverse portfolio of experiences we will engender the intellectual, social, creative, physical, moral and spiritual development of all our students. Our curriculum will build character and make a positive difference to every young persons’ life chances, opening doors to a brighter future.

We believe that our curriculum drives the success of all our students regardless of their starting points or backgrounds. At its core our curriculum is about students learning facts (knowledge); having the ability to argue (exploration), and being able to communicate effectively (communication) – the Trivium:


  • Memorising facts and direct instruction of knowledge.
  • Student retaining and recalling knowledge, learning by heart, low-stakes testing and deliberate practice.
  • Students learning core skills and techniques.
  • Subject specific terminology and the skill of reading different (and challenging) texts.


  • Students having the opportunity to debate, question and challenge.
  • Students experimenting and learning through authentic, hands-on experience.
  • Students practising and developing their skills.
  • Opportunities to analyse, evaluate and problem solve.
  • Gaining understanding through experimenting, debating, questioning and challenging.
  • How the knowledge fits together; asking the “what if..” and “why” questions.


  • To be able to communicate with confidence and clarity in a variety of formal and informal situations; through the spoken and written word including; speeches and essay writing.
  • Opportunities to perform, to make things and to showcase the products of learning.
  • Application of learning to a variety of contexts.