Year 7

Gifts project –Health and safety in the workshop before taking part in practical activities. Students will use scroll saws, a disc sander and pillar drill to make their own products. Students take ideas from a 2D format and create them in 3D. Students work with wood, metals and plastics learning their properties and capabilities. Students will learn skills in Computer Aided Design and will laser cut outcomes to produce high quality products as well as hand made.

Year 8

British Values night light, children’s themed bookend & desk tidy –students investigate, develop designs and create 3D models using craft knives, hot glue guns and corrugated card. Computer aided design and manufacturing is taught as well as how to build electronic circuits. Students work with soldering irons, PCB drills, the laser machine and other workshop machinery. Students journey through the design process and turn their ideas into reality.

Year 9

‘Alphabet project’ – exploring materials and processes such as pewter casting, brazing, riveting, block printing, stencilling, clay work, plastic heating processes etc. The ‘puzzle in a box project’ joinery, CAD/CAM and scroll saw work. Designing for pre-school, ‘wooden toys’- e.g. racing car and helicopter. CAD/CAM is used as well as students working in a factory environment to understand production methods.

Year 10

Art & Design Practice – investigation into pop artists and recreating their work as a pop art themed storage solution. Students investigate past student’s and existing products, completing analysis. Student’s complete primary research, gathering anthropometric data. Students explore and experiment with practical methods such as block printing, poly printing and stencilling. Isometric drawing, orthographic drawing and 3D modelling through Goggle Sketch up lead to their final design. All work is presented in a portfolio.

Year 11

Art & Design Practice - developing practical skills in art & design. Students experiment and improve their work whilst using a variety of machines, processes and materials such as comb, dowel and halving joints, vacuum forming and line bending, lamination, laser cutting and pewter casting as well as metal scrolling. Each experiment is recorded as a practice and review for students to work towards and build their own 3D final project and portfolio.