Overview of the learning journey in 3D Design

Year 10

While studying 3D Design students are able to advance the skills they have learnt in Key Stage 3 Art and translate them into three dimensional outcomes. In year 10 they begin by exploring The Human using construction sculpture methods to represent the human figure such as wire, mod-roc and cardboard, taking inspiration from Giacometti and Gabo. In their second project, Body Adornment, they will be inspired by many cultures to create masks, jewellery and other items from paper, found objects and discarded items. Finally, pupils will study a mock exam project based on a previous externally set theme. They will use 10 weeks prior to their mock exam to prepare a sculpture idea based on this theme and then have a 5 hour assessment to create the planned piece.

Year 11

Year 11 in GCSE 3D Design is all about learning ‘Embedding Skills’- students need to show that prior learning is embedded in final coursework and exam projects. They are able to apply skills and knowledge with independence and increasing individuality.

In year 11 3D Design pupils will embed the skills learnt in year 10 in two final projects- Nature and Man-made, which is a ceramics project and then the externally set assignment. The theme is set by our exam board. Pupils have 12 school weeks to prepare an idea inspired by the theme set and then a 10 hour exam to create the piece.