Cultural Capital

In the new HSC level 2 course, there is a wide range of cultural capital in R033. Students are asked to discuss the impact of physical, environmental, economic and social factors on the lives of some well known celebrities. They are able to see the positive and negative impacts, both short term and long term on those individuals. Students also learn about effective communication within the NHS and the Social Care sectors, both in groups and in one to one settings. Part of the unit involves interviewing an individual about events which have affected them physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially and financially, identifying any needs they have from the events, as well as the best way to provide support for those needs.  Students in year 11 will be completing a unit of coursework on Public Health Campaigns. They will choose one of two health related options and then decide on their target group for the campaign. This introduces health campaigns within which they learn to manage time effectively, decide on aims, purposes, resources and choose their methods to deliver and evaluate a health campaign. Students will develop an awareness of health issues in the wider community and improve their knowledge of a variety of health issues. Students in year 11 also have the opportunity to complete a Level 3 Emergency First Aid at Work certificate after they have completed their exams.

Curriculum Journey

This is a map to show the learning journey in Health & Social Care.

HSC Curriculum Journey 2022 - 2024.pdf

Knowledge Organisers

These are the knowledge organiser used by students in lessons to support the learning and retrieval of key information.

Health and Social Care Knowledge Organiser.pdf

Overview of the learning journey in Health & Social Care

Year 10

Students will study the effect of life events on how we develop as individuals throughout life. They will investigate how on our journey through the stages of life, we experience many life changing events and are influenced by many factors that affect growth and development. In this unit they will learn about life stages and the factors that affect them. Students will understand expected and unexpected life events and the impact they will have on physical, social / emotional and socio-economic aspects in an individual’s life. Students will research the service providers and practitioners or professionals that can support individuals, recommend support and justify how this will meet the needs of a specific individual. This coursework unit will be submitted in May of year 10. 

For the rest of year 10, students will then start to develop their knowledge for the exam unit including the importance of personalised care and excellent communication. They will learn about creating a safe and hygienic environment which is essential for the health and well-being of vulnerable individuals requiring care in a health and social care setting. They will also learn about the importance of the rights of service users, person-centred values and how to apply them. Students will also learn about the importance of effective communication skills and how to apply them respectfully when providing care and support for service users in health and social care settings and the procedures and measures used to protect individuals such as safeguarding, hygiene and security. 

Year 11 

In year 11, students will then complete their second coursework unit on a health campaign chosen from a list given by OCR for the academic year. This involves the opportunity to explore the public health challenges the country faces, the approaches used to encourage health and wellbeing and the importance of this to society. Students will look at factors affecting a healthy lifestyle so that campaigns can be designed to target different groups of people. They will also learn how to plan and deliver their own small-scale health promotion campaign and then they will evaluate their planning and delivery.

This second coursework unit will be completed alongside the rest of the exam unit throughout year 11. This work will be submitted to the exam board in May of year 11 and the exam will then be taken in June.