Curriculum Journey

This is a map to show the learning journey in Health & Social Care.

HSC Curriculum Journey 2022 - 2024.pdf

Knowledge Organisers

These are the knowledge organiser used by students in lessons to support the learning and retrieval of key information.

Health and Social Care Knowledge Organiser.pdf

Overview of the learning journey in Health & Social Care

Year 10

Students will demonstrate effective communication including types of communication and factors that affect communication. They will look at the barriers to communication and how to overcome them. Students will then look at the personal qualities that contribute to effective care and will apply these to three job roles within the HSC system. They will take part in a simulated discussion within a health and social care setting which will be observed as part of their grade.

Students will learn about the structure and function of the cardiovascular system, the respiratory system and the digestive system. They will compare collected data from practical sessions for each of the physiological systems and then compare how their client to the general public normal levels. They will also look at one medical condition for each of the body systems focussing on the symptoms and how they are diagnosed.

Students will study for an exam unit which looks at how individuals in care settings maintain their rights and the importance of care values and legislation. They will learn how to explain the need for health, safety and security in care settings.

Year 11

Students will look at how to assess scenes of accidents within the first aid unit. They will learn a variety of first aid procedures for a range of injuries. They will be required to demonstrate all first aid procedures in a simulated situation and will then evaluate their own performance. Students should also complete a Basic First Aid certificate, a Paediatric First Aid certificate and an AED certificate as enrichment during year 11.