Vision and Philosophy

The aim at the Colne is to deliver a purposeful, dynamic and engaging PSHE/RSHE  curriculum which enables students to succeed in later life, and fully take part in society. We need to teach our students how to keep safe, manage risk and therefore have a fulfilling life.  We want our students to be excited about their learning, and be engaged learners who are enthused about the topics and themes we teach, and go on to make the right choices. 

We aim to teach topics where we think they will have the biggest impact in achieving this, taking into account student age, feedback from our students, national or local trends and guidance from the DfE and PSHE Association,  for example.  We aim to cover all of the statutory curriculum, but also have a fluid approach to emphasis or content of lessons to enhance relevance to students.  We ensure we revisit topics and have a spiral approach, as this is the best approach to achieving our overall curriculum aim.  

Extra Activities 2023-34

Autumn Term:

Year 7, 9 and 11 have watched performances from theatre companies on road safety which have been commissioned by the Safer Essex Road Partnership, and were pitched appropriately for each age group. 

Year 8 also watched a performance commissioned by the Essex Violence and Vulnerability Unit and Colchester City Council on the impact of knife violence and crime. 

This term assemblies have included some of the following themes and topics: behaviours and expectations, Fundamental British Values, resilience, mental health, assessment and revision, Remembrance, participation, and cultural heritage. In addition, the Student Diversity Group delivered an assembly on Black History Month to all years, speaking about individuals who have inspired them. All assemblies have a follow up activity in tutor time. 

Tutor time has also featured work on the Equality Act and protected characteristics, inappropriate language, wellbeing and mental health, safeguarding and attendance; and will include religious festivals of Diwali, Hanukkah and Christmas. This is in addition to fortnightly careers work, and fortnightly work on the behaviour curriculum.        

Careers events that have been organised for this term are a Careers Skills Convention for all year groups, as well as a Careers Fair for Year 11. There is also a NHS careers event and a STEM Engineering talk that students can attend.  

Spring Term:

The Fire Service will deliver a lesson on knife crime to all of Year 9 in March 2024. 

This term assemblies will include some of the following themes and topics: behaviours and expectations, harassment, banter and misogyny, Holocaust Memorial Day, Children’s mental health, the Lunar New Year, Pride History Month, Women’s History Month, Science Week and World Autism Day.  In addition, students will watch a short performance from the School Production of Beauty and the Beast.  All assemblies have a follow up activity in tutor time.  

Tutor time has featured work on the Orthodox Christmas, dangers of vaping, diversity, FBV, numeracy, literacy, rail safety, Ramadan and Easter. Year 7 have written an inspirational letter to themselves to open when they reach Year 11.   This is in addition to fortnightly careers work, and fortnightly work on the behaviour curriculum which is continuing this term. 

 Year 7 

Autumn Term

In PSHE lessons this term, Year 7 have been looking at managing feelings, friendship, peer influence, verbal bullying and banter, as well as online privacy and social media. Year 7 will go on to look at the makeup of families, bereavement, and will finish the term examining mental health in terms of feelings and behaviour, self esteem, managing disappointment and learning from mistakes.   

Year 7 will also receive a lesson from our specialist teacher on respect, harassment and banter.

Spring Term

In PSHE lessons this term KS3 are completing Citizenship units.  The Year 7 unit is based on Rules and Laws. Students have been looking at human rights, the rights of the child, the Equality Act, difference and diversity in the community, the impact of prejudice and discrimination and will go on to examine different crimes, why young people commit crimes, the role of the Police and finally punishments.  

Year 8

Autumn Term

Year 8 have been examining positive and respectful online relationships, online bullying, internet safety, family disputes, connecting with others, anxiety and depression, mental health stigma, being positive, taking responsibility for physical health, and will go on to look at healthy ways to manage relationships feelings, positive romantic relationships, and finally perceptions and expectations in romantic relationships.   The lesson from our specialist teacher for year 8 this term will be on mental health and resilience 

Spring Term

Year 8 will start the term looking at global issues such as poverty and its causes, how education and poverty are linked, how can poverty be reduced, the cycle of debt and homelessness. Students will go on to examine racism and the law, community inclusion and cohesion and extremism.  Year 8 will finish the term with an action community project where they can demonstrate participation.  Year 8 will also receive a RSHE lesson from our specialist teacher on grooming.  

Year 9 

Autumn Term

Year 9 have started the term with looking at family diversity, and have moved on to look at intimate relationships, and then contraception, unintended pregnancy and STIs, as well as how relationships can change. Year 9 will go on to look at online behaviour, sexting and pornography as well as positive uses of media and social media. Students will finish the term by learning about bullying and mental health, and finally the LGBTQ+ community.   A lesson on grooming from our specialist teacher will also take place this half term. 

Spring Term

Government and politics is the Citizenship theme for Year 9. Students will investigate types of government, the role of parliament, circles of power, voting and voting systems and political parties. The term will end with lessons on government beyond the UK and freedom of the press.  Our specialist teacher will deliver an RSHE lesson on Contraception as well this term. 

Year 10 

Autumn Term

PSHE in Year 10 has started with marriage, partnership and rights and has gone on to look at safe sex, as well as pregnancy and choices, as well as parenting.  Year 10 will go on to examine the stages of romantic relationships as well as the impact of separation and loss in relationships. Year 10 will also look at mental health, specifically unhealthy coping strategies, warning signs and triggers, as well as stress, anxiety and depression and how to support those around us who are struggling. Finally, Year 10 will look at how to develop self esteem and confidence. 

Spring Term

Year 10 are continuing with PSHE this term. Year 10 will start the term learning about sexting, the Dark web, harmful content and pornography, as well as being too reliant on social media, gambling addiction and the impact of advertising. Students will go on to look at supporting people who are lesbian, gay or bisexual, and will finish the term examining radicalisation, extremism and hate crime, and substance misuse: is it a choice, a habit or an addiction.   Year 10 have also received two lessons from our specialist teacher: the first on respect, harassment and misogyny and the latter on contraception. 

Year 11 

Autumn Term

Year 11 are continuing with PSHE this term.Year 11 have examined the law, rights and responsibilities within sexual relationships, how to manage unwanted attention, substances and risky sexual behaviours, as well as sexual assault.  In order to support the mock exams and preparation, students will be looking at study plans, the importance of sleep and rest as well as study, and how to develop resilience. They will finish the term looking at managing their online profile for future employment.  

Year 11 will also receive a lesson from our specialist teacher on consent and a second lesson on sexual media.  

Spring Term

Year 11 will start the term examining why people choose a sexual relationship and how to communicate in a sexual relationship. They will also investigate the impact of faith and values on a sexual relationship.  Year 11 will finish the term looking at the impact of substances on reputation and life chances, as well as on families and the community. FInally Year 11 will look at domestic abuse.