Curriculum Journey

This is a map to show the learning journey in PE and Sports Science from year 6 through to further education and possible careers.

PE Curriculum Journey.pdf
Sport Science Curriculum Journey.pdf

Knowledge Organisers

These are the knowledge organiser used by students in lessons to support the learning and retrieval of key information.

Overview of the learning journey in Physical Education

Year 7

In Year 7 PE, students will participate in a broad range of indoor and outdoor sports (including athletics, dance, games and gymnastics). In each sport, they will develop a range of basic skills and techniques to improve their performance. Students will gain an understanding of tactics and strategies and will be able to apply these in a range of sports. Whilst practising in conditioned situations, students will learn how to analyse their own performance and demonstrate improvement. Students will also gain an understanding of how to construct a warm up and cool down and will improve their communication and organisation through being able to lead these for small groups.

Year 8

In Year 8 PE, students will become more competent and confident in their skills and techniques and will continue to participate in a broad range of indoor and outdoor sports (including athletics, dance, games and gymnastics). They will build upon their understanding of tactics and strategies and will apply these in a range of competitive situations. Students will learn how to evaluate their own and others performances and will develop leadership attributes through developing their own practices. Students will begin to appreciate the short and long term benefits of exercise.

Year 9

In Year 9 PE, students continue to enhance their skills and knowledge across a broad range of sports. Students learn how to demonstrate more advanced skills and techniques and gain knowledge of tactics to allow them to perform successfully in conditioned situations. Students will learn the main rules and regulations in a range of sports. This will allow them to perform in competitive situations with confidence. Finally, students will continue to develop their evaluation and leadership skills, helping them to work with others in different situations.

Year 10

In Year 10 PE, students will study a coursework unit, titled Practical Performance in Sport. In this unit, students will continue to develop skills and techniques in a variety of sports but will specifically focus on two selected sports for their own assessment. Students will learn the rules, regulations and scoring systems of their selected sports and must practically demonstrate their performance of a range of skills, techniques and tactics in both practice and competitive situations. Students will learn about the role of different officials in sport and will experience officiating in a selected activity. Finally students will develop their ability to analyse their performance in detail and suggest ways to improve further.

Students will study for the online examination unit, titled Fitness for Sport and Exercise. Practical lessons will continue covering a range of sports, selected by the class, to allow students to continue to build their expertise and confidence in a practical setting, whilst appreciating the benefits of participation. Students will learn how sports performers train to be the best they can be and will gain an understanding of the different fitness components, training principles, training methods and fitness tests which can be incorporated into a training regime to improve sports performance.

Year 11

In Year 11 PE, students will complete the remaining two coursework units, titled Leading Sports Activities and Applying the Principles of Personal Training. Students will build their knowledge of the attributes associated with successful sports leadership and will undertake the planning, leading and reviewing of a sports activity session in a chosen sport. The second coursework unit requires students to design, implement and review a self-designed personal fitness training programme. Alongside this students will learn about the musculoskeletal and cardiorespiratory systems and the effects of exercise on the body during training. Students will continue to take part in a range of sports during practical lessons and will appreciate the importance of lifelong participation.