Year 7

Students begin to look at the qualities required to be a good geographer. We look at the following topics: Where in the World am I, and Physical Landscapes in the UK. The aim is to develop a sense of place, locational knowledge and the concept of scale. We continue to develop awe and wonder of our changing planet as we explore natural hazards around the world and address misconceptions of Africa. We then explore globalisation through the journey of a US one-dollar bill and finally look at the opportunities and challenges the UK faces.

Year 8

Students build upon the key concepts developed in Year 7, first looking at the physical and human characteristics of Brazil, focusing on the Amazon Rainforest and Rio de Janeiro. We then challenge students’ perceptions of inequality, exploring the different economic development of countries around the world. We continue our exploratory focus on the UK’s weather systems, extreme weather events and the impacts of climate change. Our summer term aims to further develop our student’s independence as they explore the economic superpowers of China and the sustainability of our planet.

Year 9

Students explore the topics of Natural hazards, Living World and Physical Landscapes in the UK throughout Year 9. Initially, students will learn the mechanics behind plate boundaries and their links to tectonic hazards, and then continue to explore extreme weather and climate change. Our Living World topic explores the Malaysian Rainforest and the Thar Desert, which develops student’s knowledge on adaptations; along with methods to evaluate sustainable options to manage these fragile environments. We then study coastal landscapes in the summer term which links to our physical fieldwork at Walton-on-the-Naze.

Year 10

We explore two key topics; Urban Issues and Challenges and Economic Development, whilst interleaving revision strategies to assist students’ recall. Urban Issues and Challenges looks into comparing megacities, with a focus on how rapid development can present both opportunities and challenges. The topic of economic development explores wealth of different countries and how this can impact quality of life. Lagos and London are used as two contrasting case studies throughout this year. Our final half term focuses on completing our human fieldwork in preparation for paper three.

Year 11

We begin with the topic of Resource Management. This highlights the inequalities of our global resources and how we can sustainably manage them. We continue to the topic of River Landscapes in the UK and draw together key concepts of GCSE Geography with a focus on further developing our case study knowledge. Our final focus looks at the pre-release material and geographical skills which are embedded across all three papers. Our aim is for all students to leave Geography as confident global citizens who are passionate about the world around them.