Vision and Philosophy

The aim of the PSHE/RSHE curriculum in Life Lessons at the Colne is to deliver a purposeful, dynamic and engaging curriculum which enables students to succeed in later life, and fully take part in society. We need to teach our students how to keep safe, manage risk and therefore have a fulfilling life. We want our students to be excited about their learning, and be engaged learners who are enthused about the topics and themes we teach, and go on to make the right choices.

We aim to teach topics where we think they will have the biggest impact in achieving this, taking into account student age, feedback from our students, national or local trends and guidance from the DfE and PSHE Association, for example. We aim to cover all of the statutory curriculum, but also have a fluid approach to emphasis or content of lessons to enhance relevance to students. We ensure we revisit topics and have a spiral approach, as this is the best approach to achieving our overall curriculum aim.